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Suddenly your phone rings at 2 AM, it’s your sister at the other end, “Hey! I have good news! We just had our first baby!” As the newborn enters intro everyone’s life, bringing great happiness, they want to select the best gift for him/her.  It can be a difficult task to decide on what gift you want to give the baby, especially if it is the first baby in the family.  But have no worries! Here is a little help for those who struggle to choose the perfect newborn baby gift item.

Newborn Baby Gift Registry

As soon as all the family members hear of the great news, they start looking for the perfect little gift for the little one.  Unfortunately, many times more than one family member or friend gives the same gift, causing the need to return one of those duplicate gifts. As we all know, there has never been a problem which doesn’t have a solution to it! Online gift registries are the perfect solution to eliminating the problem of duplicated gifts and making gift-giving a breeze!

Today, many to-be parents create a registry with an online business or website and create a list of all the items that they may need when their newborn arrives in that registry.  The family members and friends can then access that list and choose the newborn baby gift item that suits their budget and liking.  This ensures that the parents are not getting unwanted gifts or getting more than one of the same item.  Furthermore, the registry makes it easy for the person giving the gift because now they will know exactly what is needed.

An example of such a website is Amazon. This makes it easy for everyone to decide on what newborn baby gift item they want to buy, as they can choose from a list of items the parents have created on the website.  You may want to enter the parent’s name here, and check if they have actually created a registry:

However, it should be noted that according to Rod Auletta, most registries offer gift items offered by a particular retailer.[1]  A limitation to this is that only the newborn baby gift items that are a part of the merchandise sold by that particular retailer will be available to be listed.  Hence, if you are someone who is extremely choosy about the gift you want to give the newborn and cannot decide from the list on the registry website, here are some great ideas!


The question is, does a newborn really need clothes? Well, technically no, but practically yes! The newborn baby will outgrow their clothes very quickly, so if you are planning on gifting clothes to the newborn baby, make sure you do not give too many of the same size (especially size 0 or NB).  There are a few things you need to consider when buying newborn baby clothes.  The very first thing is the size.  Normally, the correct size of clothes that fit the average newborn (up to 21.5 inches long and five to eight pounds) is a size 0 or NB. However, if your loved one is a premature baby (up to 17 inches long and five pounds), they will need a size that is created especially for the little precious one.  This will be smaller than the regular size a newborn baby would wear and may look like ‘000’ or § (Preemie). The next thing that you should consider when buying newborn clothes as a gift item, is the fabric of the clothes.  You need to ensure that the fabric of your gift item is soft, ideally jersey or cotton, considering the delicacy of the newborn’s skin.  Also, there should be no rough patches, solid decorations, or rough frills on the clothes that may cause skin irritation to the newborn.  Next, the functionality of the clothing also plays an important role in choosing the right gift.  Ideally, the clothing should have zips or buttons at the front and have a wide neck, so that it is easy to fit through the newborn’s head.

Coming to the types of clothes that are available in the market for newborns, the best choices are onesies, button-up pyjama shirts and shorts, little socks, hand mittens, inner shirts, bibs, caps and wraps to swaddle the baby.  It is not necessary to buy the newborn designer clothes, as they will outgrow the clothes quickly.  Save that money for buying them something on their first birthday!

Here you can find some good clothing items to gift the little newborn:

Kuriozud Unisex One-Piece Jumpsuits
These one-piece jumpsuits are made of soft material that will be soft on your newborn’s skin and will let them have a good sleep. They have a zipper/buttons at the front which will make it easy to wear and change diapers.

Breast Pumps

Yes, you read it right! The very first thing you expect a baby to do is cry for milk! Often parents, especially first-time parents, forget that there may be times when the new mom is too tired after staying up all night with her newborn, to take them on their lap and feed them breastmilk.  The mother’s sleep and health need to be the priority if she is to take good care of the baby.  This does not mean that the baby’s health comes second! According to research, breast milk is the best option for the growth and development of babies, considering the macronutrients and vitamins it naturally contains, as compared to formula. [2] Therefore, gifting a breast pump on the birth of a newborn baby is a great idea. 

There are two types of breast pumps that can be purchased:

  • Manual breast pumps
  • Electric breast pumps

Manual breast pumps

Manual breast pumps are generally a cheaper option than electric breast pumps.  They can be used to express milk occasionally and are quite handy and make minimal noise.  It can be difficult to manually express the breastmilk using this kind of pump if it is done regularly, because the mother’s hand may get tired by continuously pressing the pump to create a vacuum in the device.  However, it is a great option when buying it for a full-time mom, who just needs to pump once or twice a day in case she is taking a nap when the newborn is hungry.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump
This affordable manual breast pump will make a new mom’s life easier by quietly expressing her milk while her baby sleeps.

Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are a great option for new moms who are working full-time.  They are easier to use as they have an electric pump.  Furthermore, they enable the mother to express more milk in a shorter period, allowing her to do other tasks.  Some good options for electric breast pumps are:

Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump
This double electric breast pump will make the new mom’s life easier by expressing the milk in half the time due to two electric pumps.  It is a very good option for moms who want to go back to work and at the same time give their newborn baby nutritious breast milk.

Nursing Cover

When talking about breastfeeding, how can we forget that a newborn can get hungry anywhere, anytime? A nursing cover is a good choice for a gift for when a mother wants to breastfeed her baby in the public.

Feeding accessories

Although breast milk is the best option for a newborn, according to a study, there are reasons why a mother would choose to bottle feed their child, especially when they believe that they are not able to express enough milk to keep their newborn’s tummy full. [3] In this case, a great idea for a newborn baby’s gift item would be bottle sets and other accessories related to bottle feeding.  Some good options are:

  • Feeding Bottle Sets
  • Bottle Sterilizers
  • Bottle warmers

Feeding Bottle Sets

This set will normally consist of a couple of feeders, along with a brush that will help keep the feeders clean. Having more than one feeder will ensure that the newborn will have a sterilized and clean feeder every time they are hungry. 

Philips Avent Bottle Gift Set
The bottles in this Avent bottle gift set have soft nipples keeping in mind the delicate mouth of the newborn.  For babies who may be colicky, this is the perfect gift because these bottles have an anti-colic vent technology.

Bottle sterilizers

It is particularly essential to give the newborn baby a sterilized bottle every time they are fed.  According to research, if a milk bottle is not sterilized properly, there is a high chance of it being infected with bacteria such as E. Coli and the Rota Virus, which can be transferred to the baby, making them extremely sick. [4]

Grownsy Baby Bottle Sterilizer
This bottle sterilizer sterilizes bottles in just 8 minutes, which saves the mom a lot of time.  Also, the mother can sterilize 6 bottles at once due to its large capacity.

Bottle Warmers

Often babies prefer to drink warm milk instead of warm milk.  Bottle warmers are considered an essential item nowadays to make the life of the parents easier, as they can be sitting right next to the bed on a table and are more accessible than a stove or microwave.  Another reason to use a bottle warmer is that you can safely warm the baby’s formula directly in the bottle as opposed to warming the milk in a cup in the microwave or a pot on the stove, and then transferring it to a bottle, adding unwanted bacteria to the infant’s milk.

Philips Avent Bottle Warmer
No more leaving your baby unattended to go to the kitchen to warm up the newborn's milk! This bottle warmer from Avent will make the mom’s life easy by warming up the baby’s milk to the perfect temperature without having to use the stove or microwave.

Baby Audio or Video Monitor

This is another very thoughtful newborn baby gift item.  Of course, a parent can’t take their baby everywhere with them, for example, in the kitchen.  However, it is extremely important to always keep an eye on the baby. There are other reasons why someone may want to use a baby audio or video monitor: they may leave their newborn at home with a babysitter and may want to monitor from their workplace through a device.  Some parents also set up a separate room for their newborns and may want to monitor their baby from the comfort of their own room to ensure their wellbeing, throughout the night.  Today there are many types of baby monitors available in the market.  Some record only audio and others record both audio, as well as video.  The type of monitor you gift a newborn totally depends on your budget and the need of the parents.  Simple audio monitors are relatively cheaper than ones that have an audio plus video function.  If both the parents are working full time and may hire a nanny to look after the newborn, gifting them an audio and video baby monitor may be the best choice.

Here are a few monitors you may want to consider when making your gift choice:

Vtech Audio Baby Monitor
This top-quality audio baby monitor will allow the parents to relax in their room while the baby sleeps soundly in its room.
Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor
This audio and video monitor will give full time working parents’ peace of mind as they will be able to watch their newborn from their desk at work as the babysitter takes care of their little munchkin at home.


When the little newborn arrives, it becomes essential to create a little space for them, whether it be in the parents’ room, or in a separate room, where they can be safe and comfortable.  It would be a good idea to buy some furniture as the newborn baby’s gift.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Please note that it is very important to buy a crib that meets modern-day safety standards such as high sides and a wide slatted base. Co-sleeping may not be an option for some parents if space is an issue on their current bed.  A good night’s sleep can ensure a happy and healthy baby, therefore it is crucial to choose a comfortable crib for the newborn baby. Here is a good option if you choose to gift a crib:

Changing table

A changing table makes changing diapers and the baby’s clothes an easy task for the new parents.  Furthermore, it also enables them to store all the diapers, baby wipes, and other diaper changing accessories in one place and the reach of their arm. 

Rocking Chair

As we all know, in the first months of a newborn’s life, the mom spends several hours feeding them, as well as, trying to put them to sleep.  If most of this is done on a regular chair, bed, or sofa, it can strain the mommies back.  This is why a rocking chair is such a great gift idea for a newborn baby’s room.  A rocking chair that is well cushioned can help create an ideal environment for both the baby and the mother when feeding or trying to get some rest.  It is the best idea to try to rock the baby when trying to get them to sleep because babies love to get cuddled and swayed. 

Here is a good rocking chair you may want to consider:

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman
This comfortable premium quality rocking chair is a great addition to a baby’s nursery. It will help the parents easily feed or put the baby to sleep. Babies will love the back and forth smooth motion of the rocking chair.


According to Healthline magazine, on average, a newborn uses 8-12 diapers a day.[5] That’s 360 diapers a month! So please do the new parents a favor and gift the newborn baby some diapers. There are two types of diapers that you can give as a newborn baby gift. The first type is the reusable cloth diaper and the second is the disposable diaper.

Cloth Diapers

The good thing about cloth diapers is that they can be used over and over again, minimizing waste.  Another advantage is that there are many cloth diapers that fit newborns, which can then can adjust to the babies growing body up until their potty training years.  When choosing cloth diapers as a gift for the newborn, you would want to consider the fabric of the diaper, which needs to be soft so that the baby is comfortable when wearing it.

Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers
Make your life easy by using these cloth diapers because there will be fewer leaks! These diapers will help you cut down your diaper bills as they can be used over and over again.

Disposable Diapers

There are many brands to choose from however, there are a few favorites among parents.  According to the Statista Research Department, the most bought diaper brands include Tesco, Pampers, and Huggies.  When buying diapers for the newborn baby, it is important to consider the size.  Since babies grow fast in the first few weeks after their birth, the newborn-sized diaper will fit them for only a couple of weeks.  Then comes size 1, which should fit the baby for at least until they turn 4 months.

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers
Soft on the baby’s skin, these disposable diapers will keep the baby dry for a long time and keep their skin clean and healthy. Clean and healthy skin will ensure a happy baby who can have a peaceful night’s sleep and let their parents relax as well.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is an excellent choice for a newborn baby gift as it is one of the easiest and practical ways to move the baby around when outside or travelling.  It is more convenient that a stroller or pram as it takes up much less space.  Furthermore, when the baby is just a couple of weeks old, its weight is light enough to be held in a carrier, without putting any strain on the parent’s back.  The baby carrier helps keep the newborn close to the parent’s body, which gives the baby a sense of security and warmth.  This ensures the baby is relaxed when the parents are trying to enjoy an outing or are out for shopping.

Infantino Carrier
Carry around your little munchkin in this comfortable baby carrier and experience the freedom as you go out for shopping or a fun outing. The soft fabric and padded shoulders add extra comfort for the parents so they can carry their baby for longer periods of time.

Final Thoughts

Buying a newborn baby gift item has become easier than ever before! Just ensure that if the gift you are buying is clothing, it is soft and comfortable for the newborn.  If you choose to buy a piece of furniture for the newborn’s nursery, make sure it is safe and comfortable as well.    Where possible, it is advisable to talk to the to-be parents and ask them what kind of items they missed out on their shopping trip or may need in the near future for their newborn baby. Good luck with buying the best gift item for your newborn baby!

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